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Boon Otto Animal Bag: The Solution to Stuffed Animal Storage!

I don't know about your house, but mine is overrun with stuffed animals--small ones, big ones, and awkward ones.  And as much as my daughter loves playing with them, it's hard to find the appropriate home for them.  The stuffed animal hammocks don't always hold them, plus they keep them out of her reach.  And her bed is literally a "zoo" of animal friends.  Do not fear, the Boon Otto Animal Bag is here!  This is the perfect solution for kids' stuffed animals--they go in this oval-sized bag, get zipped up for easy storage, and the bag is now the ultimate chair for sitting, playing video games, or reading their favorite book!  It keeps the "zoo" contained, but allows them easy access to their toys, as well as makes them functional in the meantime!  Good job, Boon, for solving a number of parent dilemas! :)

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Approximate Retail Value: $50

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