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Kid-O Bilibo Toy: Simple Toy, Endless Possibilities

If you're like me, you like toys that a) don't require batteries and b) let your children use their imaginations.  In steps the simplistic yet ingenious toy, the Bilibo!  The Bilibo was designed in Switzerland and has won numerous awards for it's magnetic charm to kids of all ages.  Little ones will enjoy sitting inside of it, toddlers will use it as a  a turtle shell, and older kids will spin in circles and find tons of ways to be active with it!  The Bilibo is made of a sturdy, unbreakable plastic that allows it to be used and abused without having to worry about it breaking or shattering during playtime.  It comes in a variety of bright and vibrant colors, and there are even mini-Bilibos that you can purchase to use together with the original!

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Approximate Retail Value: $25

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