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Umbra Casa Tissue Box Cover

Okay, this is so cute!  If you've been wanting to find a way to hide those hideous tissue box designs but want to keep facial tissues handy, you'll have to check out this tissue box cover by Umbra.  Called the "Casa Tissue Box Cover," it is available in three colors--purple, lime green, and white.  The tissue comes out the "chimney" of the house to look like smoke.  ADORABLE!  Would be fun for the office or perfect for the playroom!

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Approximate Retail Value: $5

Cool Herb Garden / Fruit Storage by Salomonsen Designs

Cocoon Herb Garden and Fruit Holder
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I'm always looking for a great way to not only grow my herbs, but display them, too!  This is a great concept design for a modern herb garden to hang in your kitchen.  It is called the Cocoon.  Hang by a window, over your sink, wherever you'd like!  Also, store your fruits in the little space underneath--how clever!

MollaSpace Paper Pots - Modern Alternative to Boring Tissue Paper Dispensers

Someone finally gets it--tissue paper dispensers are boring.

But not anymore! MollaSpace has designed the ultimate tissue paper dispenser--the Paper Pot.  And the bonus?  Not only can you empty out a box of Kleenex and put it inside of the MollaSpace Paper Pot, you can also use a standard roll of toilet paper as well--and it will spin inside for easy dispensing.

If you buy more than one MollaSpace Paper Pots, you can also combine different colors, such as the base of one Paper Pot and the top of another to create a custom look for any bathroom color combination! 

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Approximate Retail Value: $40

P'Kolino Triangular Crayons: Crayons That Won't Roll Off The Table!

Rejoice!  Crayons that will NOT roll off the table!

I cannot tell you how many times my daughter is coloring at the kitchen table with her crayons, and she gets so upset when they fall on the floor--and sometimes, they'll break when they hit the linoleum.  P'Kolino and their ingenious line of art products include this set of 9 triangular crayons!

Not only the P'Kolino Triangular Crayons designed to stay put on tabletops, they are also thicker for your child to get a better grasp of the crayon, and also keeps them from breaking as easily as your typical Crayolas.  Durable AND they stay put?  I'm in heaven!

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Approximate Retail Value: $6

Acme Writing Tools Crayon Pen--Your Kids Will Think You're Pretty Darn Cool!

Oh, the joys of being a kid again.  Unfortunately, we have to work, take care of the kids, and pay the bills.  Well, if you're going to be doing that kind of stuff anyway, why not feel like a kid again?

Write your bills each month with this supercool crayon pen from Acme Writing Tools.  Available in a number of fun, bright colors, the Acme Crayon Pen is a retractable, refillable pen that lets you look like a kid but write like an adult!

Refills for the Acme Crayon Pen are extremely affordable, which means you will be signing contracts, writing checks and completing thank you notes for ages with this awesome pen! 

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Approximate Retail Value: $30

Munchkin Grip-N-Sip Juice Box Holder--No More Messy Juice Boxes!

Not sure about your kids, but juice boxes can be more of a hassle and a mess than you'd think--especially CapriSun juice bags that your young toddler will accidently squeeze and spill. 

Finally, someone realized the dilema us parents deal with and found a solution!  Munchkin brand has come out with the Grip-N-Sip Juice Box Holder, which has two handles on it to allow your little one to easily grasp and hold thier drink.  The juice box (or juice bag) slips inside the holder, which keeps your child from squeezing it and having it leak out all over them and their close.  Genius!
I'm a fan of the Dora the Explorer Grip-N-Sip Juice Box Holder, since my daughter is a huge Dora fan, but they also come in a variety of other plain colors and designs to suit your little one!

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Approximate Retail Value: $4

Fred Boost Booster Seat--The Look of a Phone Book with Better Functionality!

When you were younger, chances are, your parents slipped something thick and sturdy underneath you when you were eating in order to boost you up higher to sit at the table.  "Back in the day," this was typically a phonebook.

Well, it's ba-ack!  The Fred Boost Booster Seat was created to look like the Yellow Pages, but with a little more functionality.  It is shaped a little better for your child's "seat meat" and chances are, will have others asking where you got it--what a clever, funny design for a modern kid's booster seat!

Although there is no tray with this, it stands alone and works perfectly for older kids that no longer need a booster seat with a detachable tray, but just need help getting up to the table to enjoy a meal with the family!

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Approximate Retail Value: $20