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P'Kolino Triangular Crayons: Crayons That Won't Roll Off The Table!

Rejoice!  Crayons that will NOT roll off the table!

I cannot tell you how many times my daughter is coloring at the kitchen table with her crayons, and she gets so upset when they fall on the floor--and sometimes, they'll break when they hit the linoleum.  P'Kolino and their ingenious line of art products include this set of 9 triangular crayons!

Not only the P'Kolino Triangular Crayons designed to stay put on tabletops, they are also thicker for your child to get a better grasp of the crayon, and also keeps them from breaking as easily as your typical Crayolas.  Durable AND they stay put?  I'm in heaven!

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Approximate Retail Value: $6

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