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Munchkin Grip-N-Sip Juice Box Holder--No More Messy Juice Boxes!

Not sure about your kids, but juice boxes can be more of a hassle and a mess than you'd think--especially CapriSun juice bags that your young toddler will accidently squeeze and spill. 

Finally, someone realized the dilema us parents deal with and found a solution!  Munchkin brand has come out with the Grip-N-Sip Juice Box Holder, which has two handles on it to allow your little one to easily grasp and hold thier drink.  The juice box (or juice bag) slips inside the holder, which keeps your child from squeezing it and having it leak out all over them and their close.  Genius!
I'm a fan of the Dora the Explorer Grip-N-Sip Juice Box Holder, since my daughter is a huge Dora fan, but they also come in a variety of other plain colors and designs to suit your little one!

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Approximate Retail Value: $4

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